Women Rule

Leave it to SmartCEO magazine to put on the hippest party in downtown
DC. There were women CEOs everywhere
schmoozing, toasting and celebrating the honor of being tapped one of
SmartCEO’s Brava 100.

You walked in and there were disco lights flashing, giant screens
flashing video of the winners, a bar lining the right side of the wall and
hors-d’oeuvres everywhere.

What a change from when I was the only woman network radio
correspondent in the newsroom banging away on my Royal typewriter trying to
avoid the Marlboro fog.

SmartCEO seems to have tapped into what women CEOs are looking for: resource-swapping,
networking, awards and the ultimate feel-good party. Women sharing business
stories with women is networking at its best. Everyone knows how empathic,
protective and embracing we are, so it goes without saying we do our best to
lend other women a hand.

I met several women I know and haven’t seen in a while, and many who
were new to me. If I can’t personally do business with some of these ladies, I
can sure introduce them to others who might be a better fit.

So, here’s to my colleagues and here’s to SmartCEO for the kudos. It’s
great to be proud and have fun at the same event!

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