zcomm Moves Headquarters to Washington D.C.

National Marcomm Agency Expands and Changes Address

WASHINGTON, DC – Coinciding with zcomm’s 24th year in business, the national PR and marketing agency has moved its headquarters from Bethesda, Maryland to Washington, DC. zcomm’s new address is: 910 17th Street, NW, Suite 1190, Washington, DC, 20006. Continue reading


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Inside the Sistine Chapel

March 23, 2013 5:30 PM ET
A new pope has been elected, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, will be called Francis, the 266th pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. Source: the New York Times.


March 13, 2013
By Rise Birnbaum

It’s gotta be tough whenever a Pope dies.  But can you imagine what it’s like for this College of Cardinals given the recent Pope’s resignation and the bad ink about the Catholic Church?   And the news just got a touch worse today, when the papal conclave opened the papers with their morning cappuccinos only to see the headline, “Vatican Owns the Building that Houses Europe’s Biggest Gay Bathhouse.”  That’s a no-no.  And to add fuel to the fire, Cardinal Dias lives one floor above the rockin’ club in a swanky 12-room apartment. Continue reading


kate-middleton-maxMara-jpg_123948Why have we all become bump-aholics? Do we really want and need to see any woman’s tummy bulge? Do we really get off as belly buttons widen and stretch marks really S-T-R-E-T-C-H?  It’s like Alien meets Nine Months.  Where’s Sigourney when you need her? Oh, wait, pretty sure she’s post-Alien baby makin time.

Years ago women wore maternity clothes that disguised the growing baby.  Ya know, like peplum tops and lots of kitchen apron wear.  Boy, have times changed.  Now it’s a race to see how big a splash you can make lounging in your string-tini poolside at the Fountainbleu in South Beach.

Or, in Duchess Kate’s case, in Mustique.  An invasion of privacy?  Yeah.  Should we care about the Royal  bump?  Only that we wish Kate and Wills the best and hope the baby is healthy and wise.  Wealthy is a given. (I keep thinking of Downtown Abbey every time I see the Royal duo hoping to see Matthew again.)

I guess there are two big questions here.  First, why do women feel the need to expose their 25 pounds of extra flesh in their low rise skinny jeans and cropped top?  And, second, why have we all become belly addicts?  Is there a 12-step bump program?  Ya know, where I’d go and say, “Hi, I’m Risë and I’m a bump-aholic.”  And then I get cookies and coffee after all the belly laffs.

Back across the pond now.  The Duchess decided to make it official.  In a tailored Max Mara wrap dress, Kate Middleton officially debuted her celebrated bump on a visit to London’s Hope House, a place for recovering drug addicts.  (Nope, not bump addicts.)

So, Kate came out of the fashion closet to show the world she’s now a size larger (or maybe a half size) and a million cameras whirred and clicked and showed off her slight shape shift.

Over the years, fashion and mores have changed bigtime.  Women breastfeed in public, naked bumps become routine…if not worshipped and the mags, reality TV and online sites put it on a big silver platter for all of us to lap it up.

Don’t know about you, but bare bumps don’t do it for me.  But, as far as I can see, I’m way in the minority.  And I think the fact that my bump is now 26 might have somethin’ to do with it.


Image: File photo of the AIG logo  outside of their corporate headquarters in New York


Talk about chutzpah.  I thought the kid from Two and a Half Man was bad.

Let me get this straight.  In 2008 the US government decides to bring AIG back from near death to the tune of a $182 billion bailout.  That’s billion with a B.  I mean, AIG was circling the drain and Uncle Sam reached out and grabbed them, did the Heimlich and saved their bottom-feeding butt.

And now that AIG is alive and kicking, they were actually thinkin’ about kickin’ Uncle Sam’s ass and suing the red, white and blue hand that fed them.

What’s wrong with this picture?   Just about everything.

Does anyone have a conscience anymore?  Has corporate America gotten so used to caviar and Kiton suits that it’s willing to do literally anything to anyone who gets between them and their money?  Have the inmates taken over the asylum?

OK ‘nuf with the rhetorical questions.  You get my drift.

So, AIG actually considered joining a suit seeking $25 billion in damages, saying the government violated the Constitution when it took about 80% stake in the insurer as part of the bailout.  This was based on the Treasury Department selling its AIG shares and ending up with more than 22 billion more than it put in.  But, the media heat was too high, so they opted not to sue.

Here’s my comparison to what happened.  I’m dying and need a kidney.  My nice uncle gives me a kidney, saves my life and I’m back in action.  And then I decide I could use a new pair of lungs, too, so I put a gun to my uncle’s head (see why guns are bad?) and tell him I’m taking his lungs, too.  Why don’t I just rip out my uncle’s heart while I’m at it, ‘cause by this point I’m pretty heartless.

And so is AIG.  Which, in my book, needs to change its name from American International Group to Parasitic International Group or PIG.   And this pig deserves nothing but slop.