Candid Camera

I could spend my whole blog talking about all the dumb comments Mitt Romney made at that fundraiser, but I’d rather talk about the fact that anyone in the public eye better get used to the possibility of “personal stuff” going viral at any time.

The ability to take a quick pic and send it out to the world is literally a click or two away.  Just ask topless Kate, strip-poker super stud Harry or bong-sucking Michael Phelps.  Anyone who’s a brand (even for 15 minutes) is fair game for the paparazzi or just about any random dude with a smart phone.

Think about it.  It could be a cell phone, a camera with a telephoto lens or the world’s smallest tape recorder.  You don’t have to be James Bond to have the latest gadgets on hand.

So what does this mean for the Royal and not so royal?  It means you shouldn’t be naked unless you’re in a locked bathroom, you shouldn’t be smoking dope unless you’re in a locked bathroom and, if you’re Mitt Romney, you should basically stay in a locked bathroom.

It also means that even if you’re John Doe in a crowd you better figure on hundreds of cell phones or cameras that could catch you doing something naughty and share the pic on Facebook or Twitter in a nanosecond.  So you should think twice about having that drink with your flirty client, or mooning the world from the top of a tourist bus.  Because it just might be the world that gets to see you in all your glory.

There was a guy the Today Show flew in from London who sent a rambling love letter to a woman he knew.  She sent it to all her friends who, in turn, sent it to all their friends.  Bottom line is that it became the love letter that went global and the guy made headlines.

Yes, there are some folks who love the presence of the camera and you can find most of them on Bravo!  But, the rest of us?  Yup, behind a locked door!

Wild About Harry

Who could ask for better summer reading than something about Harry? And, yes, he does it again. This latest romance tale is about Prince Harry’s break-up with 25-year-old lingerie model, Florence Brudenell-Bruce. Her nickname is “Flee.” And that’s exactly what the ginger-haired prince did… again.

Maybe it’s time to switch PR agencies.  Why?  Here’s his story to the press:

“He just wants to focus on his Apache helicopter training, so he called time out,” according to a source.  So, he fled Flee, grabbed some buddies and went off with a band of bikini-wearing model-types in Majorca while Flee modeled undies back in the UK. If that’s ‘copter training, my guess is a lot more guys are going to sign up for the military.

Let me ask this: when has any training ever gotten in the way of Harry’s high-voltage love life?

Before Flee there was his on-again/off-again relationship with Chelsy Davy, who partied hard with Harry at Kate and William’s wedding. She was that other blond fond of shabby chic, ciggies and G&Ts.

Why all the fuss about the 26-year-old polo-shirted, six-packed polo player? Everyone loves a bad boy and when the bad boy is a Prince, who could ask for more? He’s an adorable pink-cheeked, cheeky royal who knows when to use the little fork on the left and definitely knows how to use his charm with the ladies. He’s on TV more than Elton John… in his Nazi costume, at the clubs or when he’s actually doing helicopter training. It’s Harry and everyone’s wild about him.

He is more mediagenic than just about anyone else on the planet. Doesn’t matter if he’s in his Savile Row suit or grass-stained polo clothes, he’s the man. He’s money; you can bank on it.

No PR person could ask for more than a handsome bad boy with a great smile who’s game for anything… and just happens to be Prince of England.

One piece of PR advice for the hunky Harry: stay in plain sight. ‘Cause every digital camera, mic and cell phone is trained on you. Seems the world is your stage and your oyster. Just don’t blow it with another Nazi uniform. Yours fits just right.